Published: 2013-01-30

You probably know the famous saying: "the glass is not half empty, it is half full". Have you ever asked yourself why it doesn't say, like "the glass is half empty, but at least the weather is fine"? Because the underlying idea is that there is something inherently good in everything. And optimism means to concentrate on the good instead of on the bad.

I think the whole point is that good and bad are not inherent to the world, but to our view of the world. Take a knife for example. It just exists. It has no value assignment. If you use it to cut your bread and meat, it is something good. If you use it to kill someone, it is something bad. Unless that someone was Adolf Hitler. But that doesn't change the knife. The knife simply is. We are the ones to assign a value to the fact.

Do you know the movie Up In The Air? It is about George Clooney firing people. And it's got an amazingly inspirational scene.

He tells a guy that he should look at being fired as a rebirth. A second chance to follow his dreams instead of clocking in and out without a moment of happiness.

Coming back to our initial example, instead of saying "the glass is half full", we also could say "the glass is half empty. But maybe that is good." Maybe because it gives you the opportunity to try something else. Or maybe because your drink is somewhat stale and you could get a fresh one. Or you want to go home because you are tired. Anyway, the fact whether the glass is half empty doesn't change. Only our view of it. And that is fully in our control. It is up to us to create our very reality. If everything that happens is bad, so is our day. If we decide that everything is good, this certainly has some impact on our day as well.

Now if you want a really inspirational movie about becoming optimistic, I suggest you watch Yes Man. If you can stand Jim Carrey that is. That movie really made my day.

And here is the ultimate song for optimism: Just look on the bright side of everything!

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